Wild Viking Slots

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Wild Viking is an online card game which is an interesting combination of Roulette and Poker with the added plus of being linked to a Progressive Jackpot. In Wild Viking players can place roulette type bets but also bet on poker hands or try their luck at the Wild Viking Progressive Jackpot.

Wild Viking is played with a standard 52-card deck plus 2 jokers. The results of each round are determined by five cards drawn by the dealer. The table offers two types of bet options, one for Poker style bets and the other for Roulette style bets. For the former, payouts are given for poker hands such as pairs, flushes and straights. If the player decides on a poker type bet and receives a five card hand of equal or higher value, he is paid accordingly.

On the other hand, for the roulette type bets, the fifth card which is drawn determines the outcome. Players can bet on single cards, single numbers, suits corners, columns and squares. A yellow disk will appear on the table to indicate the fifth card and the winnings when applicable. Further roulette type bets are available in Progressive Wild Viking such as odd-even, red-black and number ranges. It is also possible to bet on a joker as a single card bet.

To have a shot at the Progressive Jackpot, players are required to place and additional side bet. The side bet in Wild Viking is indicated by a coin slot at the top of the table with a red light which turns to green when a progressive wager has been placed. The progressive jackpot side bet is fixed at $1 and offers partial payouts as from three of a kind or better.

The Wild Viking bet option is the one which awards the major progressive jackpot through a Wild Viking Royal flush. In this unique poker hand, the first and fifth cards of a royal flush are substituted by the 2 jokers forming part of the deck. Granted, this particular hand is not easy to obtain but it adds spice to the game and the more time it takes to win the progressive jackpot, the bigger it grows. At the time of this writing the Wild Viking progressive jackpot amounted to over $33,000.

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