Safecracker Slots

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Safecracker Slots is a 3 reel single payline slot machine linked to a progressive jackpot. The game layout realistically replicates that of a bank’s vault with the reels wired to the door’s opening mechanism. The game symbols on Safecracker slots include dollar bills, sticks of dynamite, drill, crowbar and keyhole.

Safecracker online slots can only be played in real mode with the bet per line varying between $0.25 and $5.00. To have a shot at the progressive jackpot, the maximum 3 coins must be played which amounts to $15 per spin. Apart from the progressive jackpot, the maximum win on the regular game is 4,000 coins.

The key symbol on Safecracker Progressive slots is the bonus symbol and gives access to the Safecracker bonus feature. Entry to the bonus game is triggered by 3 key symbols appearing on the reels. At bonus level, the player is required to click on any of the deposit boxes which contain the bonus prizes. Seven of the deposit boxes contain prizes of different value and are risk-free to open. The remaining three boxes are equipped with an alarm and will put an end to the Safecracker bonus feature.

Safecracker slots payouts vary depending on the number of coins wagered per spin. For example, for a single coin wager, 3 drill symbols pay 75, 3 dynamite symbols pay 100 and 3 dollar bill symbols pay 1,000. For a 2 coin bet, 3 drill symbols pay 150, 3 dynamite symbols pay 200 and 3 dollar bill symbols pay 4,000. With the maximum 3 coins wager, 3 drill symbols pay 225, 3 dynamite symbols pay 300 and 3 dollar bill symbols will win the progressive jackpot.

For every bet made by players across the network on Safecracker slots, a certain amount contributes to the progressive jackpot. Any player landing three dollar bill symbols on the payline while wagering the maximum three coins wins the Safecracker slots Progressive Jackpot. Once the jackpot has been won, it resets and starts to grow again as players bet on the game.

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