Mega Ball

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Mega Ball is a unique lottery type online casino game with great winning opportunities. Mega Ball offers eight games rolled into one with a progressive jackpot to boot. The wagering options on Mega Ball Progressive start as from 10 cents up to 100 credits and players can set the game to play up to 50 times in a row with a same wager.

At the top of the game screen is a clock set to 60 seconds. Every minute 6 balls roll out and these determine the results of the game. Each ball has a number and is either red, blue or yellow in color. The various types of wagers possible on Mega Ball allow players to bet on multiple combinations and it is possible to place up to ten different wagers for every set of balls. The wagering possibilities are colors, cocktail, sixth, steps, numbers, first & last, total and jackpot.

Betting on colors means wagering on balls to be of a particular color, the cocktail wager stands for betting that at least one or 2 balls from each color will be drawn while the sixth wager, as the name indicates, means to guess what the 6th drawn ball will be. The first& last bet type means wagering that the first ball will be either higher or lower than the last.

The numbers bet means choosing four numbers between 1 and 48 which players guess have a chance of being drawn. This type of wager offers some of the best payouts. For instance, one correct number guessed pays 7.6 to one, two numbers pay 71 to one, 3 numbers pay 820 to one and getting the four numbers correct pays an incredible 12,300 to one. Finally the total bet option entails choosing a range including seven numbers and betting that the 6 balls drawn will fall in that range.

The Mega Ball Jackpot game option entails players picking five balls by specifying both their colors and numbers which they think will be drawn. If these five balls are drawn the Mega Ball Progressive Jackpot is won. At the time of this writing, the Mega Ball Progressive Jackpot amounted to $20,000.

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