Jackpot Darts

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Jackpot Darts is an online casino game based on the ever popular game of darts and which is linked to a progressive jackpot. The objective of the game is for players to place bets on the various sections they guess the three darts will land. The bet amounts on Jackpot Darts very between 10 cents and $100 and up to five bets can be placed per game round.

The dartboard consists of the single ring, the double ring, the treble ring, the outer bull and the bullseye. The single ring is the largest part on the dartboard and consists of two areas – one between the double ring and the treble ring, the other between the treble ring and the outer bull. It is divided into sectors, colored yellow and black with numbers written on the outer edge of the dartboard. A dart that hits the single ring scores as many points as the number written on the corresponding sector.

The two narrow circles on the dartboard Jackpot Darts are the double ring and the treble ring. A dart that hits the double ring scores double the amount of points of the corresponding sector. A dart that hits the treble ring scores triple the amount of points of the corresponding sector. The outer bull is the small circle surrounding the bullseye and is worth 25 points. The bullseye is the center of the dartboard and is worth 50 points.

There are various betting possibilities on Jackpot Darts; Singles are bets on how many darts hit the single ring; doubles are bets on how many darts hit the double ring and same goes for trebles, the outer bull and the inner bull. The Lo/Mid/Hi option is to bet that the total score of all three darts will be in a certain range and the 1-20 Singles is to bet that at least one dart will hit the single ring of a certain sector.

Jackpot Darts offer a progressive jackpot which is made up of part of the bets of all players playing Jackpot Darts across the network. The jackpot bet pays 20 times the player’s bet if one dart hits the bullseye or outer bull, and 2,000 times the bet if two darts hit the bullseye or outer bull. At the time of this writing the Jackpot Darts Progressive Jackpot amounted to $20,000.

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Jackpot Darts

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