Gold Rally Slots

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Gold Rally Slots is a 3 reel 8 payline online slot machine with unique characteristics. The payline distribution includes 3 horizontal lines, 3 vertical lines and 2 diagonal lines and it is possible to win on all of them.

Gold Rally Slots is themed for the gold rush and includes symbols such as a horseshoe, pick axe, lantern, revolver, mine card and bag of gold, representing the paraphernalia required by the miners back in the days. Other symbols include the gold rally logo, scales and dynamite which trigger the game’s main features.

The scatter symbol on the Gold Rally Progressive Slots is the scales and pay regardless of its position on the reels as long as five or more scatter symbols appear on the screen. Scatter wins are calculated based on the amount of credits wagered by the player. For instance, five scatters pay five times the total bet, 6 scatters pay 10 times, 7 scatters pay 50 times and 8 scatters pay 200 times the total bet.

Gold Rally Slots offer a bonus feature which is triggered by four dynamite symbols appearing at the four corners of the game screen simultaneously. During the dynamite bonus feature the player is taken to a gold mine and asked to select an X spot to dig for gold and is paid a bonus prize according to the choices he makes. Once the bonus round is complete the player is taken back to the main game and the bonus prize wins added to the win total.

The progressive jackpot on Gold Rally slots is triggered when 9 scale symbols appear on the reels. To have a shot at the Gold Rally Progressive Jackpot the maximum number of coins has to be wagered. The Gold Rally progressive jackpot is only accessible to players in real mode. At the time of this writing the Gold Rally Jackpot amounted to nearly $320,000.

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Gold Rally

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