Genie’s Hi Lo

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Genie’s HiLo is an online casino game of arcade type where a genie theme has been incorporated into a classic guessing game of high or low. Supported by Playtech, this game offers good graphics and payouts plus a Progressive Jackpot while the gameplay is of the utmost simplicity.

Genie’s HiLo is played with a standard card deck and offers wagering option as from 10 cents to $20 per betting round. The game starts with the player placing an initial wager and drawing a first card from the 11 held in the Genie’s hand. Once the original card has been selected, the player has four betting options: higher, lower, red or black and will have to guess whether the next card to be drawn will be of greater or lesser value than the original one or of what color it will be.

If the player’s guess is correct, he has the option of getting paid or can decide to continue and make further selections. The game goes on until the player decides to cash out his winnings or makes an incorrect guess at which point he will still be paid according to his last successful level. This is a great feature offered by this game as it does not entirely penalize the player for making an incorrect guess at one level or another.

In Progressive Genie’s HiLo, Aces count as one and are considered as the lowest cards in the deck. This gives an advantage to players who will only need to guess at the color of the next card since the latter will be regarded as of having a higher value. Jacks on the other hand are important cards as they stand for wilds and automatically grant players access to the next level.

Genie’s HiLo Progressive Jackpot is attained when the player makes 10 correct guesses in a row and reaches the top of the payout ladder. The jackpot keeps on growing as players from all over the network place wagers on Progressive Genie’s HiLo and the player who manages to reach the 11th level snatches the whole jackpot.

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