Marvel Jackpots regular hits

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Since their introduction, Marvel Slots have been a big craze with players at Playtech Casinos.  One of the main reasons for this is undoubtedly the fact that you can win one of 4 progressive jackpots when playing any Marvel Slot machine.   The Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpot, as it is called, is made up of the Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power jackpots respectively which all start at different values and rise up fairly fast.

Within the last three days, the Marvel Extra Power Jackpot alone has been hit some 13 times for a total amount approximating $55,000.  The average amount of a win on the Extra Power Jackpot approximates $4,000.  The Marvel Super Power Jackpot for its part has been won three times over the last 7 days, the largest win being for $48,601.

The largest of the lot, the Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot has been hit twice already since the games inception, both times for over $800,000.  The last win occurred a little less than three months ago with the winner bagging the incredible sum of $885,485.  Play Marvel Slots today and you could also win one of the fantastic jackpot they carry.

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