Marvel Jackpots frequent hits

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The Marvel Super Power Jackpot was hit earlier today by a lucky player at $42,417. This jackpot is the third highest of the four jackpots which make up the Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpot relative to all Playtech Marvel Slots.

Marvel themed slot games are undoubtedly amongst the most popular slots amongst players and this explains why the jackpot rise to such amounts in so short a space of time. For instance, the Marvel Super Power Jackpot was hit some hours ago for $42,417, four days ago for $45,924, seven days ago for $44,881 and eleven days ago for a superb $50,977. These are but a few examples to show how often the Marvel Super Power Jackpot is won.

Easier to win still is the Marvel Extra Power Jackpot, the second highest jackpot of the lot. Within the last 20 hours at the time of this writing, this jackpot has already been won four times and a total of twelve times during the past 2 days only. The Marvel Extra Power Jackpot is usually hit at an average of $4,000 which is still a nice sum to have for added gaming fun or to surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful gift.

The Marvel Slots series include The Incredible Hulk Slots, Iron Man Slots, Iron Man 2 Slots, Fantastic Four Slots, X-Men Slots, Blade Slots, Elektra Slots, Daredevil Slots and Punisher War Zone Slots. All of these boast of incredible graphics, sound effects and animations on top of great game features which will bring your gaming experience to a whole new level.

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