Gold Rally Slots Progressive Jackpot double hit

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The Gold Rally Slots progressive jackpot has been won twice within the last week for a combined sum exceeding $709,000. The biggest win occurred six days ago when a lucky player hit the progressive jackpot at $591,642. Following that, the jackpot was won again 2 days ago for $117,889.

In general, the Gold Rally Progressive Jackpot is very rarely won at such close intervals, which explains why the second jackpot amount was only in the low hundreds of thousands – a very small amount by Gold Rally jackpot standards. Under normal circumstances, the average amount for the Gold Rally Slots progressive jackpot is around a million as was the case nearly 2 months ago when the jackpot was won at $1,233,394. This also goes to explain why the next to last jackpot had only slightly gone over the half million dollar mark when it was hit some 6 days ago.

About a year and 9 months ago, the Gold Rally Slots progressive jackpot reached an incredible $2,111,501. Two and a half months following that incredible win, the jackpot was hit again for a cool $1,338,723. Though the time span between hits and the jackpots amounts can vary, the one thing you can be sure of is that Gold Rally Slots is definitely the game you should try if you want a chance of winning a life altering jackpot.

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