Gold Rally Slots Jackpot won at $841,282

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The Gold Rally Slots Progressive Jackpot has been won 2 days ago at $841,282. Since the last big win about 5 months ago when the jackpot went over $1,200,000, the Gold Rally Slots progressive jackpot has been won three times prior to this last hit but for amounts not going over $590,000.

On those three occasions, the jackpots were respectively for $591,462, $117,889 and $130,560. It is generally very rare to have Gold Rally Jackpots around $100,000 but the first of these 2 jackpots was won only 4 days following the big jackpot of $591,462 and the second of these 2 wins, 5 days after the previous. This perfectly explains why these 2 jackpots were not what we can usually expect when we hear Gold Rally Slots Progressive Jackpots.

Gold Rally Slots is one of Playtech’s most popular progressive online slot games due partly to its unique characteristics but also because of the important jackpots it carries. On most occasions, the Gold Rally Slots progressive jackpot goes over the million dollar mark before it is hit. The game offers 3 reels and 8 paylines which pay horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

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